At BioKai we believe that our health is anchored in the soil.

Biological Food (Kai -Te Reo Māori) is nutrient dense and alive.

We are here to help people understand the importance of soil for overall health

 – our own as well as the environment. Plant and livestock health are all dependent on a healthy soil microbiome. We are offering workshops, both on the farm and online, so you can create health from the ground up at your place – be it a lifestyle block, farm or a backyard vegetable garden.

Our  Health

We believe that our health is anchored and directly related to the health of the soil. Chemical-free, seasonal, local and nutrient-dense food makes and keeps us healthy and strengthens our immune system. Through our workshops we get to share our knowledge of organic horticulture, herbalism, wild medicinal plants and fermentation.

Please have a look at our upcoming workshops, where we share our passion for health and gardening and help you on your journey to wellbeing.

Soil health plays a crucial role for our environment.

A healthy soil acts as a sponge holding onto moisture as well as filtering it and removing toxins. Drought as well as floods are drastically reduced in a landscape where the soil food web is complete and working properly. The soil is rich, dark, crumbly and has lots of air pockets so that important nutrients like nitrogen and oxygen can be taken up from the air to support life underground.

Regenerative Agriculture

acknowledges the important role that the soil food web plays and tries to minimize or eliminate harm to the soil critters. Minimising tillage, avoiding chemicals and fostering diversity are some of the key principles for a healthy agriculture. The result is healthy plants resistant to pest and disease attack, healthy livestock, clean rivers and healthy humans.

A functioning, complete and active soil food web

cycles nutrients, creates structure in the soil and greatly reduces droughts and flooding. There is a mutual relationship between the plants and the soil microbes. The plants are feeding the microbes with sugars, carbohydrates and proteins produced in the process of photosynthesis and in return the microorganisms provide nutrients to the plants. Some fungi can even mine nutrients from rocks and bring them back to the plant through their mycelium. The soil microbiome also acts as the immune system for plants and actively helps them to fight off pests and diseases.


Compost, and not just any compost, but bio-complete compost, plays an integral part to regenerate landscapes. It is buzzing with microorganisms – fungi, bacteria, protozoa, nematodes and worms. Chocker full with plant available nutrients. Soft, dark, rich, sweet and earthy! Thermal Compost, Johnson Su Bioreactor and Vermicast are our go to elements to inoculate seeds and to bring vitality and health to the landscape.

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