About Us

Cornelia and Kai Holten run KoruKai Herb Farm on a day to day basis. BioKai – Health from the Ground Up provides the platform for lifestyle blockers, gardeners, farmers and people interested in regenerative farming to learn from their first-hand experience in growing healthy plants, nutrient-dense food, plant medicine and raising healthy livestock. Permaculture, small scale agriculture, diversification, compost making, biodiversity, organics and polyculture are key elements in our teachings.

We also provide a few tools to make hot compost and vermicast achievable to do in a home and commercial setting, like our BioKai compost thermometer and the ComposTex covers.


Cornelia comes from a family of farmers as far back as she can trace it. Growing food, living off the land and providing surplus for the community was part of being a farmer back then, it was a necessity as farmers were the poor guys. Farming is in her blood and she feels at home milking her cow and growing the food for her family. She is also a scientist at heart and wants to know the why’s and how’s of farming, which made her complete a certificate in Organic Horticulture in 2012 and carrying on her education with Dr Elaine Ingham’s Soil Food Web School in 2018. She is producing compost and vermicast for KoruKai Herb Farm and analyses her inputs with a compound microscope in order to make adjustments for a certain crop. She also holds a Master’s degree in Education and therefore loves to share her huge passion for biological and regenerative farming through workshops, public talks and the BioKai blog.


Kai has a passion for permaculture and regeneration of landscapes by clever design. He holds a Permaculture Design Certificate with Geoff Lawton and is very practical oriented. Observing nature and letting nature get on with things makes him happy. He is also the tech guy and comes up with designs for portable compost slurry sprayers on their steep Banks Peninsula block inaccessible with ATV’s. Forest gardens and self-regulating systems make his heart sing.

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